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We are working hard to raise monies for our trip planned to Puerto Rico in the year 2020. Our next opportunity to serve our church and raise money for our trip will be on March 6th. We provide a pancake supper for our church family for donations for our trip.
We hope you can come enjoy our meal with us and worship as our youth also lead us into Lent with our Ash Wednesday service following our meal. 

Mark 10:45 says, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and give His life as ransom for many”. As a youth group, we are finding ourselves busier than ever. We are currently challenged to juggle school, home, social events, and church each week. It is becoming more difficult for us, as a youth group, to find time to meet when most everyone can be there. We are a blessed people in that we have so many opportunities to be involved in so many activities.

Therefore, the way in which we have “youth group time” will begin to look a little different. We will no longer meet for Bible Study on Wednesday nights with Pam. Instead, Sunday School will focus more heavily on what the Bible teaches us. We will shift into a youth group that is focused more on serving, rather than being served. This will help prepare our hearts and minds for our 2020 mission trip to Puerto Rico as well. So, once a month, starting in September, we will begin “Servant Saturday”. These days will be focused on serving others in our community, and will take between 6-8 hours. During this day, we will fellowship and grow together, help our fellow brothers and sisters and have devotion time to focus on the “why” of being a follower of Jesus Christ. We will do other “fun” youth activities throughout the year as well.

I look forward to seeing you on these “Servant Saturday’s”!!



Trip to see Casting Crowns and
King & Country 12.14.17

Youth Sunday, September 24, 2017

Basketball Fundraiser 2017
Our fundraiser on April 2nd was a
great success. Roger and the children
had quite a game with the children winning by 1 point! The youth and adults had a great time also, but alas, the adults won that one. Thank you for helping us raise $543.00. That will be divided equally between the youth and children and will go towards their summer mission camps.

Our half court shot champion: Mikey Swaim




Youth Basketball Fundraiser 2017

Our youth are planning a 2020 Missions trip to Puerto Rico. 
We just had a “Trivia Night” in which they worked
and raised $828.00 that will go towards their trip.
Each youth that worked received an equal portion
of the proceeds raised.
Be on the lookout for future opportunities
to support their endeavor!