Pledge & Make a Contribution Online

Making a pledge helps both you and Jonesville First Baptist to plan responsibly for our yearly spending and enables us to allocate funds in ways that support our community as well as our ministries in the world. To pledge, please select the first box below for reoccurring monthly contributions or the second box for onetime donations.  Contributions are setup through Paypal. 


Please specify if you have gifts designated to more than one area (i.e.: Debt Retirement, Youth, etc.). 

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Onetime Giving – All Onetime Gifts will go to the General Fund

Live Generously

At Jonesville First Baptist, we strive to live generously in all aspects of our life together. This means that we seek to be generous with our time, our compassion, our resources and our money. Our core values around giving are that we give from a place of grace, not guilt; out of opportunity, not obligation; from freedom, not compulsion; in joy, not out of dread; and by persuasion, not pressure. Our generosity is grounded in God’s generosity toward us. It is our faith and our desire to live out our faith daily that summons us to share what has been entrusted to us with others. We take our cue on how to do this from the story of the widow in the Gospel of Mark:

There came a poor widow who dropped in two tiny coins, together worth a penny. Jesus called the disciples to him and said, “Truly I tell you: this poor widow has given more than all those giving to the treasury; for the others who have given had more than enough, but she, with less than enough, has given all she had to live on.” Mark 12:42-44

Everyone can excel in the spirit of generosity. It is not the dollar amount, but the desire and the willingness to give generously. One does not have to be rich to be a generous giver.