I remember sitting in front of a cracking fire, trying to keep the right distance at which I would not roast myself.  For me it was the warmth of the fire and its glow against the darkness of night that was so appealing to me.  

For others it seemed the right time to start singing, usually lead by my sister, Cindy, the song that rings out the loudest in my memory, “Kum Ba Yah.

We have all sung that song, if you’re old enough to remember: 

       “Come by here, Lord, someone’s praying, Lord, someone’s singing, Lord, someone’s crying,    

        Lord, Kum Ba Yah”

In 2018, First Baptist Jonesville, will be asking God to “come by here”, because someone is in need.  We have, as a theme, to invest ourselves to others and our world,  to increase our faith in God, and to invite our world.  

In 2018, we want to express our belief in a God of Love, and as God’s children we are searching for ways to express our voices of hope, actions of love, and sharing this hope with our world. 

So If you are looking to find a healthy community of believers, or just rejoin us, “Come by here”.  Come visit us at First Baptist Jonesville.

Dr. Roger Hensley