Prayer Concerns:

Dixie Baker
   at Elkin Healthcare
Dorothy Welborn
   at Elkin Healthcare
Daphnia Martin
   at Pruitt Healthcare
Patrick Groce
Landon Walker 
Janice Collins
Katheryn Lyons
Jeff Harris
David Redden
   (brother of Steve Redden)
Ken Paul and family
    (Ken is the son of Tommie Jo Paul. He has    
    been deployed for a year)
Dwayne Caudle
      (Lois Gentry’s brother)
Linda Myers
Billie Jester
Phyllis Groce
Mary Ruth Groce
Ethel Draughn
Gordon Welborn
Teresa Alexander
Betty Mickey
Jerry Goodman
Howard & Mary Fowler
    (brother and sister in law of Jean Fowler)
Steve Childers
    (friend of David & Gilda Pruitt) 
Our Nursing Home Residents
Mission Concerns:
El Jordan Baptist Church in
      Havana, Cuba
Tri-C Ministry
The Ark Ministry
The Grace Clinic
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