Prayer Concerns:

Dixie Baker
   at Elkin Healthcare
Daphnia Martin
   at Pruitt Healthcare
Landon Walker 
Katheryn Lyons
David Redden
   (brother of Steve Redden)
Billy Sprinkle
Jerry Goodman
    (friend of Steve Newman)
Ray Dimmette
Julie Gillespie
Robby Hall
   (friend of Ron Jester)
Eddie Hardy
Jim Shermer
Sue Redden
Lourae Burchette
Don Martin
Lizzie Baity
    (daughter of a friend of Michelle Wood and Heather Whitley)
David Billings
Bill Parker
Paul Emmons
Bobbie Reinhardt
Barry Shaffner
Bill & Kathy Ford
Donna Hutchins
           (Cricket’s friend)
Joey Bowers
Ronny White
    (Heather Whitley’s father)
Mission Concerns:
El Jordan Baptist Church in
      Havana, Cuba
Tri-C Ministry
The Ark Ministry
The Grace Clinic
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